How To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Toenail At Home

Treating an ingrown toenail without going to the podiatrist can sometimes be impossible. If you catch the problem early enough, however, then you can treat the ingrown toenail and get rid of the problem without too much pain. Lift the Nail One of the most important things you can do is lift the nail out of your skin and above the nail bed. You do not need to lift the entire nail up, but the side of the nail needs to clear the skin where it has been burrowing under. Read More 

Do You Have Food Allergies? Ways To Find Out

Allergies can be extremely frustrating and annoying at times. They can wreak all kinds of havoc in your body and life. And food allergies are even worse because they can also be quite dangerous and life-threatening, particularly when un-diagnosed. When you begin to think you may have a particular food allergy, whether it be due to headaches after eating, stomach illness, or possibly even facial swelling or anaphylactic shock (an inability to breathe), you will need to get tested for food allergies. Read More 

How To Tell The Difference Between A Baby Kicking And Other Bodily Functions Occuring

When you are pregnant, feeling the baby kick for the first time is exciting and is a big deal. Sometimes it is really difficult to tell if the baby is kicking early on or if you are feeling other bodily functions. Here are 2 tips to help you know if you feel the baby or if it is something else. Bloating and Gas One thing that will occur during pregnancy is bloating and gas. Read More 

The Process Of A Septoplasty Procedure To Treat Your Deviated Septum

If you suffer from chronic sinus issues and have been diagnosed with deviated septum, you may be a good candidate for a septoplasty procedure. Septoplasty procedures are also referred to as functional rhinoplasty procedures and work to reconstruct the internal nasal bone and cartilage (septum) in order relieve chronic sinus problems. While approximately 80 percent of the population has some form of septum deviation, certain individuals have severe deviations that can cause a host of chronic symptoms. Read More 

Scoliosis In Children: What You Need To Know

During your child's routine well visit with his or her doctor, the doctor might notice some curvature in the child's back. If this happens, the doctor may suspect scoliosis and may send you and your child to see an orthopedic doctor. Here are three things you should understand about scoliosis and orthopedics. How Is It Diagnosed? Doctors often check children for scoliosis by looking at the way they stand and bend over from the back side. Read More