COVID Or The Flu? Reasons Why You Should Take A COVID Test

The novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a virus that has spread worldwide. The flu-like symptoms can range from mild to severe and even cause death in some cases. It's a serious virus and spreads easily through close contact. Making sure you take the right precautions is essential to control the virus. Here is how to find out what you have and why you should take a COVID test.  Is it COVID or Something Else? Read More 

2 Aspects Of Your Health You Shouldn’t Ignore

There are many things to think about when it comes to your health. But, sometimes, the things you don't think about can be the most harmful. Here are two aspects of your health you shouldn't ignore.  Your Mental Health Healthcare podcast shows advocate for people to take care of their mental health just as much as their physical health. And there's a good reason for it. If you're not taking care of your mental health, it can lead to physical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. Read More 

Caring For A Cannula Insertion Site After An IV

Mobile IV infusions of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements have become rather popular, helping people with nutritional deficiencies while allowing them to be at home instead of going to a clinic. The experience can be very relaxing and pleasant. But anyone who gets one of these IVs has to remember that they are actual intravenous drips that are inserted into a vein, so when the cannula—the section that actually rests in your vein as the infusion is delivered—is removed, you have to care for the site to ensure it heals well. Read More 

Why You Don’t Want to Dismiss Leg Vein Disorder

People often dismiss leg vein problems because popular beliefs treat the problem as varicose veins or just signs of aging. It is wise, however, to get in front of any problems the moment you notice something on even one of your legs. Here are 5 reasons you don't want to dismiss anything you see. Early Intervention Often Helps Sooner is almost always better, especially in terms of the odds that a doctor's proposed leg vein disorder treatments will be relatively non-invasive. Read More 

2 Extra Features To Consider When Choosing Your New Hearing Aids

Whether you have recently been told by a doctor you need hearing aids or have worn them for years, you may have been pleasantly surprised to discover that they come in smaller sizes. Thanks to recent technology, hearing aids can be manufactured so that they fit comfortably inside your ear canal while providing clearer tones and not losing sound quality. Along with a better, more comfortable fit and improved sound, hearing aids can also provide convenient features that you may not have even known about or considered. Read More