Three Signs Of A Foot Fungal Infection

Fungus and mold can grow just about anywhere and your feet are no exception. Mold and fungus grow in moist and dark environments, so your feet in dark shoes and socks and the moisture they can create is a great place for fungus and mold to breed. If you have a fungal infection, there are signs to look out for. Read on for a few of these signs to watch out for and what you can do to treat your feet. Read More 

Does Your Asthmatic Teen Smoke? You Can Help Them Prevent Deadly Attacks

Asthma is a serious breathing disease that many people stop taking seriously after living with it for so long. For example, your asthmatic teen may have started smoking in high school, thinking that her asthma was no big deal. Unfortunately, she could be setting herself up for deadly asthma attacks and may need your help to avoid this problem. Smoking Is A Trigger For Asthma While not as many teens smoke cigarettes as they did when you were young, there are still plenty who do. Read More 

What You Should Know About Respiratory Rehabilitation For Your Elderly Loved One

If you have an elderly loved one that has recently suffered from a severe respiratory infection, like pneumonia, or has other chronic breathing issues that have flared up, you may hear the doctors mention that they want your loved one to go to respiratory rehabilitation. If you have never heard of respiratory or pulmonary rehabilitation before, you may feel confused and concerned about what this type of short term rehabilitation treatment entails and how it will affect and benefit your loved one. Read More 

Are You A Surfer? Then You Are At Prime Risk For Cataracts

Surfing is an exciting sport that has attracted millions of people to it every year. Unfortunately, this sport can cause issues with your vision that are as severe as cataracts. Thankfully, it is possible for you to understand and avoid this issue by taking several careful preventative steps. If not, you might end up needing surgery to get rid of them. Surfers Will Naturally Be Exposed To A Lot Of UV Radiation Read More 

Benefits Of At-Home Respite Care Vs. Adult Daycare

If you are a caregiver for a family member who might have health concerns, such as an elderly family member, then there will probably be times when you may need a little bit of help. For example, you might need someone to help provide care while you take yourself to the doctor, run errands or just get a break. As you might already know, there are adult daycare facilities out there that can help with that. Read More