Are You A Surfer? Then You Are At Prime Risk For Cataracts

Surfing is an exciting sport that has attracted millions of people to it every year. Unfortunately, this sport can cause issues with your vision that are as severe as cataracts. Thankfully, it is possible for you to understand and avoid this issue by taking several careful preventative steps. If not, you might end up needing surgery to get rid of them.

Surfers Will Naturally Be Exposed To A Lot Of UV Radiation

When you are out on the waves and enjoying surfing, you are going to be exposed to a large volume of UV radiation. This radiation comes in the form of sunlight and can cause problems as diverse as skin cancer and other unhealthy problems that require professional help to manage. However, it is particularly damaging on your eyes and may lead to the development of cataracts.

UV Rays Can Cause Cataracts

UV radiation will cause damage to the lens of your eyes and will promote the development of cataracts. This problem has been studied many times and confirmed in multiple studies. The toughest thing about cataracts is that they cannot be reversed once they start to develop. As a result, you need to take proactive steps to prevent them. Otherwise, your surfing days will be over until you get your damaged lenses repaired or replaced surgically. Thankfully, preventing this problem may be easier than you'd expect.

How Surfers Can Avoid This Problem

Thankfully, surfers can avoid this problem by taking several preventative steps. First of all, they can regularly wear eye protection when out on the waves. There are many types of sunglasses available that will block most, if not all, of the UV rays from reaching your eyes. In this way, you can minimize your impact and avoid having to get cataract surgery.

If you are starting to notice a cloudy film on your lenses, you should start wearing your sunglasses every time you are outside, not just when you are surfing. Failure to do so could put you in a position to go through cataract surgery. This treatment method removes the lenses from your affected eyes and replaces them with an artificial one.

So if you are a surfer who is afraid of cataracts, don't hesitate to contact a professional optometrist about this issue. They will inspect your eyes, let you know if you are at risk of developing cataracts, and come up with prevention and treatment options that work for you.