COVID Or The Flu? Reasons Why You Should Take A COVID Test

The novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a virus that has spread worldwide. The flu-like symptoms can range from mild to severe and even cause death in some cases. It's a serious virus and spreads easily through close contact. Making sure you take the right precautions is essential to control the virus. Here is how to find out what you have and why you should take a COVID test. 

Is it COVID or Something Else?

A runny nose, sore throat, and throbbing headache can easily put you on the couch. While that is the best place to be, you need to be sure you don't have COVID, so you can get properly treated for what you have. While most cold and flu symptoms are similar to COVID, there are some defining factors that only COVID has, including:

  • Being sick for over five days. 
  • Complications such as organ failure or heart attack. 
  • High fever and extreme exhaustion. 
  • Extreme muscle weakness. 
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Trouble breathing.

Because other health conditions can make COVID and the flu worse, the only way to differentiate between those and COVID is to take a test. 

What Steps to Take

Right away, self-isolate. Stay away from others until you know for sure you don't have COVID. Drink plenty of fluids and take anti-inflammatory medicine and decongestants to control your cough and other upper respiratory symptoms. Be sure to let someone close to you know that you are ill. This person can keep others informed in case your health gets worse and help contain the spread of the virus. 

If you've been around someone who has COVID, or you are experiencing the signs of COVID, you need to take a test for COVID. 

How to Get a COVID Test

There are several COVID-19 home test kits available over the counter. It's good to have these tests on hand in case you can't get out after you've gotten sick. Some places deliver these COVID-19 test kits to your door. Another option is a no-contact curbside pickup. 

You can go to a testing site that offers a test for Coronavirus. These are often open to the public, but you must call ahead for an appointment time. 

You can also call your doctor or go to a walk-in clinic that does testing. Be sure to notify them you are sick or have been exposed to COVID. They will test you from your vehicle to limit your exposure to others. They may also put you on a treatment cocktail or antibiotic pending the test results. 

COVID is a serious health condition and so is the flu. Both can lead to life-altering conditions that can also be fatal. Getting tested and seeking treatment is the best option for survival and less severe side effects. Testing now will determine what the best course of treatment is and help you get on the road to recovery! 

For more information on COVID tests, contact a professional near you.