Tips For Adjusting To Your New Hearing Aid

If you've recently made the decision to get a hearing aid, you've done something positive for yourself that will improve your quality of life. Far too many people have at least some amount of hearing loss but have never done anything about it. While you are no doubt excited to see how your new hearing aid improves your day-to-day life, there can often be an adjustment period for new users of hearing aids. Here are some tips to get you started.

Your Volume Level is Not a Constant

Most modern hearing aids, from companies like Otolaryngology Plastic Surgery Associates PC, are adjustable and can be turned up to further amplify sound. Keep this in mind when walking into a crowded bar or other place of business where there is a lot of noise. Then, remember to turn it back down when you return to a quieter area. A large part of the success of hearing aids comes from retraining your brain on how to process the incoming sound. Make the transition easier by keeping tabs on your volume level.

Don't Take It Off

For some people, hearing aids still have a bit of a stigma to them. You might not want to wear it in front of certain people. But in order for the hearing aid to truly work, you need to leave it on at all times so your ears and brain can get used to the new volume level. Every time you take your hearing aid off, you are potentially setting back your progress and increasing the adjustment period. Consider your hearing aid to be similar to contact lenses. It's something you put on and leave on for the entire day.

Seek Out Group Conversations

Hearing aids are good at picking up sound from one specific direction and amplifying it. It can be more difficult for your hearing aid to handle sound coming from multiple directions at the same time. Be proactive about getting yourself into group conversations in crowded areas. You'll learn some tricks about how to best position yourself to hear everything that is going on.

Hearing aids can take a bit of time to get used to using. The best way to shorten the adjustment period is to make sure you wear the hearing aid at all times. Get into the habit of regularly adjusting the volume level for the given situation. Seek out group conversations in crowded areas to get used to processing audio from multiple directions.