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Two Reasons Why You Should See The Dermatologist

When you think about bodily organs, you likely picture your kidneys, liver or heart. However, your skin is actually the largest organ that you have. It serves as a barrier that protects the internal portions of your body, as well as allows you to know when it's hot or cold. Because your skin is so important, it's critical that you take good care of it. Dermatology is about more than merely removing acne; it's also about making sure that this most valuable organ is healthy. Read More 

Understanding And Treating Meniscus Tears

Age, constant movement, and an injury can all cause pain and stiffness in the knee. However, this pain and stiffness cannot be compared to the discomfort of a torn meniscus. An estimated 61 out of 100,000 people will experience a torn meniscus at one point, making it the most common injury of the knee. Even though it is so common, most people do not really understand this injury. Using this guide, you will become more familiar with causes, signs, and treatment options for a meniscus tear. Read More 

Suspect That You’Ve Dislocated A Body Part? Be Sure To Visit A Physical Therapist

Whether you're exercising, working hard, or perhaps just moving around the house or in your community, it's possible to believe that you've dislocated a body part. A serious dislocation will leave little doubt, but there are times that a joint can pop out and then pop back in immediately afterward, leaving you to suspect that you've sustained this type of injury. While your first instinct might be to shrug it off, especially if it's not causing you any pain, you should plan instead to see a physical therapist as soon as possible. Read More 

Steps To Take To Avoid Getting Rid Of A Pet After You Learn Your Child Is Allergic

Discovering through allergy testing that your child is allergic to the family pet can be a heart-wrenching situation for the family. The obvious solution to this issue might be to get rid of the pet, but doing so can be highly upsetting for everyone — and arguably a little unfair for your children who aren't allergic to it. While relocating the pet to a new home might need to eventually be what happens, there are some steps that you can take in the interim in an attempt to limit the risk and severity of your child's allergic reactions. Read More 

Tips To Help Your Child Get Ready For Kindergarten

As the time for kindergarten to start nears, many parents help their children prepare by reminding them of academic and behaviors expectations. There are some things that every parent should do before or right at the beginning of kindergarten to minimize stresses for the child and to help them have the most success in the classroom.  Here are some tips to help your child get ready for kindergarten.  1. Make sure vaccinations are up to date. Read More