Lee Hanson

Four Steps To Take If Your Child Has Allergies

Having a child with allergies does require you to be more vigilant, but there are some steps you can take around the home to help him or her breathe easier. If your child has allergies, use the following guide to come up with an at-home allergy care plan. Limit Stuffed Animals And Other Soft Surfaces Stuffed animals, blankets, and even carpet can trap allergens, so it's a good idea to limit how much of these soft surfaces you have in your child's room and around the home. Read More 

When To Get Medical Advice About Your Cold Symptoms

The common cold can make you feel miserable, so you may wonder if you should go to your doctor for treatment that will help you feel better faster. In many cases, you simply have to wait out a cold until you feel better in a few days. Medications you buy at the drugstore can help with your symptoms, but time is needed for the cold to run its course. However, there are times when cold symptoms can be more serious, and that's when you need to see your family doctor. Read More 

Anti-Depressant Medication Myths, Debunked

Depression is a real disease that requires real care. From counseling to medications, there are options for every type of patient. Unfortunately, most people struggling with depression worry that anti-depressants are not going to be effective for them for one reason or another. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, this guide will help you understand the truth about a few common anti-depressant myths. Anti-Depressants Change your Personality Read More 

How To Know If It’s Time For You To Schedule Family Therapy Sessions

If you have found yourself considering the option for family therapy for you and your loved ones, but are unsure as to whether this is the next step that should really be taken, you will want to spend a little time reviewing the following information. Once you have a better understanding of the signs that indicate that there is a need for professional assistance, you will know what your next step should be. Read More 

How To Motivate Yourself To Work Out Through A T-Shirt

If you're trying to live a healthier life, you'll need to find ways to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Exercising on the first couple of days is easier because it's something new, but as you exercise more and more, you may find yourself wanting to skip days. Write Down Your Goals Write down your goals, and look at them as often as you can. When you keep your goals in mind, you'll be able to remember why you wanted to start exercising in the first place. Read More