3 Subtle Signs You May Be Losing Your Hearing

If you have noticed that you are having problems hearing certain tones or understanding what someone says when turned away from you, you may start to wonder whether or not you have some form of hearing loss. If so, look for the following subtle signs that you may be losing your hearing.

You Experience Constant Ringing in Your Ears

One sign that you may have permanent hearing loss is a constant ringing in your ears which rarely goes away. While it is normal to have some ringing for a day or two after being exposed to loud noises, this type of noise does not go away.

If you have a persistent ringing in your ears, this could mean that the auditory nerve which sends sound impulses to your brain has been damaged. If you have this symptoms, you should have your hearing tested as soon as possible to help avoid further nerve damage.

You're Excessively Tired After Group Gatherings

Another sign that you could possibly be suffering from hearing loss occurs after you have been around a large group of people. You may find yourself excessively tired after trying to speak with multiple individuals.

Known as hearing fatigue, this tiredness happens after hours of subconsciously trying to strain to hear every word and sound associated with large groups. As soon as you get home, all you likely want to do is take a nap and try to build your expended energy back up.

You Have Problems Maintaining Your Balance

While maintaining your balance does not seem to have anything to do with your hearing, this sense does originate from your inner ear. If you have trouble staying straight whenever you turn quickly or while getting up, you may have some damage to the structures inside your ear that are related to both balance and hearing.

Problems with keeping your balance could also be a sign of an infection or have another cause. If you are not experiencing other signs of hearing loss, you should have a doctor examine you. However, if you are unsure, you should still have your hearing checked to rule out possible inner ear damage.

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, you may be suffering from some degree of hearing loss. If you suspect this may be the case, make an appointment with an audiologist so they can test your hearing and discuss options for treating any loss they may find.