3 Tools To Make Outpatient Drug Rehab Work Effectively For You

Although the most popular and well-known type of drug rehabilitation is an inpatient recovery facility, outpatient drug rehab options through places like Olalla Recovery Centers can be the only choice for some people. If you have children to take care of and a career that won't wait for you to take the time away for an inpatient stay, your best choice may be an outpatient treatment center. Here are four tools that you can utilize to help make this outpatient treatment choice work best for you.

Tool #1: Your Support System - Ask for Support Before You Need It

Be sure to let the closest people in your life in on what is happening with you. Don't simply withdraw from social engagements unless you feel compelled to for personal or professional reasons. Try to let in the people who truly love you and ask for their support in your recovery journey. You may ask a close friend if you can call them when the going gets tough, and ask for people to check in on you. You can see who your true friends are by asking for their help ahead of time and seeing who steps up to be there for you.

Tool #2: A Sponsor Who Leads the Way - Get and Keep a Sponsor

Utilize the twelve-step group that is best for your addiction. You will find available sponsors in nearly any twelve-step group meeting. Simply announce that you need a sponsor at a meeting if you don't see any that are available, and you may be surprised at how quickly you find available sponsors in your area. When you attain a twelve-step sponsor who clicks well with you, work the twelve steps with them and rely on them to help guide your recovery. You can ask them questions and receive helpful answers along the way.

Tool #3: Counseling - Go to Both Individual and Family Therapy Sessions

Therapy is necessary when you are in outpatient addiction recovery treatment because it can help you work through the many emotions that will come up when you are no longer using drugs. Therapy is typically offered directly at the outpatient treatment center. Therapy can help you dig deep into your past to discover the underlying cause of your addiction, and therapy can help you develop better coping skills and habits moving forward. Since your addiction didn't exist in a bubble, going to family therapy can help ensure your entire family heals from the addiction.

Finally, keep in mind that outpatient drug rehab treatment works for many formerly addicted people who are thriving and well along their road to recovery. It is very possible to leave your addiction in the past. Set yourself up for success by utilizing these four tools on a regular basis, and speak to your counselor about other things you can do to be proactive about your recovery.