Why Male Hormone Replacement Is As Important As Female HRT

There have been several much-needed, good conversations about female HRT (hormone replacement therapy) in the last two decades. However, until just recently, it was not known or understood that men go through a "change of life" too, often referred to as "male menopause." With these new medical discoveries and research studies, it has become clear that male hormone replacement therapy is every bit as important as female HRT. Here is why.

Andropause: The Loss of Androgens

Androgens are natural hormones that support the secondary male sex characteristics. During mid-life, these hormones begin to decrease, while the female hormone estrogen begins to increase in males. This is why older men are calmer, less aggressive, less interested in sex (sometimes) and begin to appear softer, rounder, and more feminine. Replacing lost androgens with a synthetic hormone cuts down on estrogen development, and men regain their muscular tone, emotional aggression, and sexual prowess, which might be important to them.

Testopause: The Loss of Testosterone 

Along with the loss of androgens, testosterone production also begins to decline in men in their late thirties and early forties. This is typically when men will start to go bald because testosterone is not present to block the increase in DHT, another hormone present in the body that regulates hair growth, amongst other things. A man's sense of virility and masculinity, along with his ability to have and keep an erection, declines as well.

With all of these changes and feelings occurring all at once, men become more moody, suffer from depression more often, and, in extreme cases, avoid doing anything that takes them outside the house. The flip side of this coin is the "midlife crisis" response, where men buy expensive flashy cars to impress ladies and spend money frivolously. Replacing the lost testosterone can slow the progression of hair loss and restore a balance in mood, while also returning a man's ability to get and keep an erection.

Loss of Male Hormones Linked to Increase in Cholesterol Levels and Heart Disease

Recent studies have shown that, as women age and their female hormones decline while their male hormones rise, their development and risk factors of heart disease and high cholesterol levels go up. Parallel studies in men have shown similar results. For whatever reason, the balance of gender-specific hormones keeps people from acquiring these diseases and illnesses. Replacing some of your hormones, even in small doses, may prevent these health complications that were once thought to be age-related.

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