3 Types Of Theft To Look Out For In Your Medical Office

In many businesses, employee theft can become a big, expensive problem. The unfortunate thing is that it can be difficult to discover or do anything about it, and if you are like many employers, you might not like the idea of accusing your employees -- who you might get along well with and who you might trust -- of stealing. However, if you run a medical office, you do have to worry about theft. These are some of the common types of theft that you should be watching out for in your medical office.

1. Medication

One big issue that you have to watch out for is the theft of medication. Some people have addiction issues and steal medication from their employer as a means of feeding that addiction. Some are looking for a way to make money, so they steal medication that they know they can sell on the streets for a profit. Others simply need certain medications or have family members who need them, so they steal them. All of these issues can cause problems for your medical office. Keeping medication under lock and key -- especially when it comes to narcotics -- is essential, as is keeping a close inventory.

2. Medical Supplies

Some people who work in medical offices find themselves taking bandages, alcohol pads, over-the-counter medications, medical tape and other similar items to stock their at-home medication cabinets. Even though this might not seem like a very big deal, the costs can really add up over time, especially if multiple employees are doing it. Only taking out small amounts of these items and leaving the rest in a controlled area can help reduce this, and keeping an inventory of supplies that you might not normally keep an inventory of can be helpful.

3. Office Supplies

Just as with many other businesses, you do have to worry about pens, printer paper, paper clips, staplers and other similar office supplies being stolen from your medical office. Let your employees know that you do consider this type of thing to be theft, and keep an eye on how quickly these items disappear to determine if theft could be going on.

Even though you might not like the idea of having to worry about employee theft, it is something that you should think about if you own a medical practice. Luckily, taking certain steps can help you reduce or eliminate employee theft and the costs that can go along with it. More help stocking and restocking your medical center, check out businesses like Medi-Rents & Sales Inc.