About Undergoing The LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure

Did a vision problem lead to you having to wear eyeglasses? If you are having a hard time getting use to the look of eyeglasses on your face and don't want contact lenses, LASIK eye surgery might be worth considering. In this article, you will find helpful information that can help you decide if the LASIK eye surgery procedure is right for you.

1. How Vision is Corrected

The main thing that causes someone's vision to become blurry is a change in the shape of the cornea. A cornea must be curved in a particular way in order for light to reach the retina as it should. Basically, an insufficient amount of light reaching the retina causes you to see things out of focus. LASIK eye surgery is ideal because an optometrist can reshape the cornea in one or both of your eyes.

2. The Possible Risks Involved

One of the possible risks is that your vision can return to the state it was in before surgery due to improper healing. Another risk is that your eyes can become dry for a long time after surgery, but eye drops can be used until the problem subsides. Others risks involves the laser not removing enough eye tissue, or removing too much of it.

3. What to Expect During Surgery

Your eyes will be numbed during the LASIK procedure, and the optometrist will place medicated drops in them. The procedure will be performed with you lying back in a reclined chair. The optometrist will place a device in one or both of your eyes to hold them open. Suction rings will be placed on your eye that will surround the cornea being operated on. The optometrist will proceed to cut into the cornea and create a flap of tissue that will be lifted up so a laser can reshape it. No stitches are needed after the flap of tissue is pulled back down over the cornea.

4. Recovering from LASIK Eye Surgery

It is possible that you will experience a little pain and itching in your eyes for a short period of time as you are recovering. The optometrist will give you pain medication for relief. Don't expect to experience the full effect of the LASIK eye surgery procedure until a few months have passed by.

For more information or if you're wondering if LASIK is right for you, contact an optometrist like those at All About Eyes.