Are You Hearing Impaired? New Technology You Should Know About

If you are hearing impaired, you might be interested to learn about new technology that is out that can make things easier for you, and some can even help you hear much better. Below are three things you may want to give a try to see how they work for you.

Solar Hearing Aid Batteries

The cost of hearing aids and batteries can be very expensive, and to help with this problem, there is a company that has developed solar hearing aid batteries. The batteries are much less expensive, and they can last much longer than standard batteries.

The company developed these batteries for those people that cannot afford to purchase hearing aid batteries. You only have to leave the batteries sitting in the sun to charge up so you need no electricity.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

You have likely seen people wear a smartwatch, which can be used to track fitness, read emails, and even surf the web. Now, there are smartwatches that are hearing aids. The smartwatch is Bluetooth-enabled, and connects wirelessly with your smartphone. Once connected, you can hear a phone conversation through your hearing aid watch without having to hold the phone against your ear. These hearing aids have volume control, which is important if you are walking down a busy street in a large city where you may hear loud sirens, as well as many people talking at one time.

Digital Hearing Instruments

There are many digital hearing instruments you can use. There are extended wear hearing aids that are almost invisible. You can wear them for a few months at a time, and they are placed entirely in your ear so you may even forget you are wearing them.

You can also now find hearing aids in a variety of colors so you may not mind wearing one as much. Besides this, hearing aids are getting smaller and smaller, but they are working better and better. In some cases, you would be able to hear better than a normal hearing person. This is because more advanced sound processing is being used that is helping hearing aids calculate where sounds are coming from. This would allow you to focus on someone talking even if you were in a room with loud music playing. These newer hearing aids also connect wirelessly to your television, smartphones, computers, and headsets if they are Bluetooth enabled.

Talk with your doctor to see if any of this technology is available to you. They can also explain them to you in much more detail. Visit a audiology practice, such as Abingdon Falls Plaza Hearing Center, for more information.