These Foods Will Give You Energy

Caffeine can be an effective way to increase your energy in the short term. But you will eventually experience a caffeine crash that will undo the effects of your consumption of caffeine. A more effective approach is to ingest the right foods that can give you energy that will last you throughout the rest of the day. In general, eating something will help because your body will need energy throughout the day.


Water is the most important thing to consume for more energy. Your body needs multiple glasses of water a day. Fortunately, this is the freest resource and there is no reason for you not to drink water.


Carbs sometimes get a bad wrap, but this is because many carbs have the most important nutrients stripped out of them. Instead, start eating whole grains, especially first thing in the morning. They will give you energy that will last you throughout the day. Breakfast is crucial because it is more likely to keep you alert throughout the day. Three servings of carbs is usually ideal because any more and you will stimulate the production of serotonin in your body.

Whole Grains, Meats, Cereals, Leafy Vegetables and Tofu

Iron-rich foods are an important part of having energy for the rest of the day. Meats, cereals, nuts and leafy vegetables are the best sources of iron. Fortunately, these foods are also a good source of B vitamins, which are also an important part of having energy.

One of the reasons you might not feel energetic is that you are feeling stressed. Besides engaging in stress-relief activities, consuming more magnesium can reduce stress. Keep eating nuts, whole grains and leafy vegetables. Tofu is also a good source of magnesium.


If you'd like a super food that contains a large number of energy-boosting nutrients, consume spirulina. This is a freshwater algae that will not only increase energy, but also improve your immune system. You can simply mix a teaspoon into water or juice.

No More Alcohol, Sugar or Fatty Foods

Junk food and alcohol will kill your energy levels. Even if you think sugar will give you a boost in the short-term, the boost will be short-lived and you will find yourself crashing quickly. These foods not only make you tired in the short-term, but can also have a cumulative effect that will make very tired in the long-term. While you might think exercise can overcome your diet, without the right fuel, there is only so much you can do.

To learn more, talk to a nutritionist