Five Folks That You Want In Your Disaster Shelter In A Crisis

Space is going to be limited, so you will need to be selective regarding who you invite to join you and your family in your doomsday disaster or emergency shelter. Among purchasing disaster survival kits for sale, there are some distinct skill-sets that will come in handy during a crisis or in the event of a disaster, and that you may not possess. When making preparations for a potential or inevitable doomsday, be sure that you collaborate with individuals that may have the following skills, and that possess talents and skills to help keep you comfortable and healthy during the crisis.

Five people that you want in your shelter include:

1. Dentist

There is nothing worse than a toothache, which makes having a dentist nearby an invaluable asset during times of crisis. These professionals also have a great foundation and education surrounding medical procedures and treatments, which means that you will always have a doctor on-hand as needed. Inviting a dentist to join you in your disaster shelter is an excellent choice.

2. Farmer

A farmer or agriculturalist will have knowledge surrounding preserving, canning, and growing food. It may also help if this individual comes with a seed-bank, which ensures long-term survival and the ability to always grow a crop of food for future times. A farmer will know which crops are most likely to yield best, and how to sustain gardens for seasons to come.

3. Hunter

Besides being able to bring food to the group, a gifted hunter may also be an authority on firearms and guns, which can be helpful during a disaster or emergency. It will likely be important to be able to defend your shelter against any looters or predators, and having someone with a knowledge surrounding weaponry is invaluable. Additionally, these individuals may be able to offer insight into the proper storage and utility of weapons and ammunition during preparation for a crisis.

4. Computer geek

There is no better individual to handle your communications needs than a technology enthusiast or a computer geek. These are the people that will be able to operate radios and potentially handle off-the-grid communications for your group after a disaster or emergency situation. It will help to invest in a HAM-radio for situations that result in a loss of power, signals, and communications widely.

5. Engineer

An engineer is the ideal candidate to assess energy and water supplies, and to be able to identify alternative sources during an emergency. These folks have insight into engineering ways to meet these needs during adverse situations or in challenging circumstances.

Of course, you need to rely on all able-bodied community or family members for the tasks and chores that emerge during emergency preparedness. Every member of your family or shelter will have a valued role in the event of a disaster or crisis. The five individuals highlighted here may offer skills that can contribute to long-term survival as well as community re-building when needed.