Why Should Your Child See A Pediatric Dentist?

Most people know that those twice yearly visits to the dentist are important for your dental health and well being. Children benefit from regular trips to the dentist, but did you know that there are dentists who specialize in the care and treatment of children? Why is that important, and should you consider switching your child's care over to a pediatric dentist?

Here's the scoop on kids' dental care:

Why is Specializing in Children is Important?

Not only do children behave differently than adults in day to day interactions, but they have different worries about the dentist, different needs when seeking comfortable care, and different dental anatomy. While all dentists are trained in the treatment of children, not all dentists have the specialized training required to meet all of a child's needs.

What is Different about how Children Perceive the Dentist?

Fear is a common emotion experienced by both children and adults when it comes to the dentist's chair. Adults, however, have the ability to look ahead, and consider the benefits of any unpleasant experience at the dentist's office. They can reassure themselves that any discomfort, fear, or pain will result in better health, but children have a much harder time understanding such abstract concepts.

Because they live in the here and now, they often have a hard time accepting discomfort as necessary.

What do Pediatric Dentists do to Make Kids more Comfortable?

From the first moment you step foot in a pediatric dentist's office you will feel the difference. The atmosphere of these offices is often designed with children in mind, with a variety of toys and books to keep them occupied and distracted during their wait.

Distractions are often provided during dental exams, as well, with some offices being equipped with beautiful pictures, televisions, or displays of favorite characters to look at on the ceiling. For more involved treatment, pediatric dentists offer sedation, which is rarely used for adult dental visits. 

What is Different about a Child's Teeth?

Baby teeth have less enamel than adult teeth, and larger nerves. That means that tooth decay can cause tooth ache and require pulpotomy (baby root canals) faster than in adult teeth. You might think that treatment doesn't matter as much in baby teeth because they eventually fall out, but the health of baby teeth is important in the development of healthy teeth and gums later in life.

Hiring a dentist experienced in the treatment of baby teeth can help your child establish great oral health from an early age.

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to taking your child to see a pediatric dentist. It's worth the time to find a great dentist who can meet all of your child's needs. To learn more, contact a company like North Phoenix Pediatric Dentistry for help.