3 Ways To Know It’s Time For Your Parent To Move Into Assisted Living

Assisted living is a service available for seniors that are having problems living alone, but are not quite ready to move to a nursing home. It can be hard to know if your parent is ready for this move, but there are certain signs that should alert you to begin thinking about it. Here are three ways you will know if now is the right time to begin considering this move for your parent.

Problems with Medication

Seniors are often on numerous different medications, and they often have to take these at different times of the day. While you can handle creating a plan to help your parent take the right medications at the right times, your parent may still experience problems with this.

This can lead to him or her failing to take the right medications, or it can lead to an overdose of medication. If you have tried to help your parent with this and are still having problems, this is a good reason to begin considering assisted living.

Trouble Preparing Meals

According to the National Resource Center on Nutrition, malnutrition is extremely prevalent with seniors. When a senior citizen lives alone, he or she may have trouble:

  • Getting to the grocery store to buy food
  • Finding easy meals to cook
  • Eating the right foods

If you are worried about the meals your parent is eating, you may want to consider assisted living. While there are ways to get meals delivered to your parent's house, it may be more convenient just to have your parent move. Not only would this ensure that he or she would get healthy meals, but there would also be someone there monitoring the amount of food your parent eats.

Recent Fall or Injury

Another way you can know if your parent is ready for this move is if he or she had a recent fall or injury while at home alone. Assisted living centers do not supply 24-hour monitoring, but there will be nurses and aides available at all times. The staff will check up on your parent, and your parent will easily be able to call for help when it is needed.

An assisted living facility like Hopewell In-Home Senior Care offers services for seniors that will help with each of these issues. With your parent living at a place like this, you will have fewer worries, and you can feel confident knowing that there are people taking care of him or her. To learn more about this, contact an assisted living facility in your area.