FAQ About Marijuana Concentrate Pens

When people think of smoking marijuana, they generally imagine smoking whole flower. But marijuana concentrate pens are changing this perception. These pens contain a THC-infused oil that, when vaporized, can be inhaled into the lungs. If the idea of these pens is new to you or if you're considering buying one, reviewing the answers to the following questions might be helpful.

What does the vapor taste like?

The vapor emitted from these marijuana concentrate pens tastes quite different from typical cannabis smoke. Usually, it does have a cannabis flavor, and you can certainly tell it is a cannabis product. However, the pens are typically flavored with fruit extracts or other flavorings to mask some of the cannabis flavor or make it milder. You can find all sorts of flavors, from strawberry to vanilla. If you're someone who does not love the natural flavor of cannabis, you'll probably find concentrate pens a lot more pleasant to vape.

How high can you get from a marijuana concentrate pen?

It all depends how much you vape and how concentrated the pen is. Just as with smoke, the more vapor you inhale, the higher you will get. It will take you a little experimenting to find the ideal marijuana pan dose for you. Try one hit, and see how you feel. If you want a little more, take a second hit, and then perhaps a third a few minutes later. There may be some days when you only want one hit to take the edge off and other days when you want four or five hits for deeper relaxation.

Do marijuana concentrate pens contain terpenes?

As cannabis becomes more common, people are becoming more aware that the effects do not come only from THC. Other compounds, called terpenes, also affect how the cannabis makes you feel. Some marijuana concentrate pens contain terpenes along with THC and others do not. If you are using the cannabis for therapeutic reasons, then you may want to look for a pen that's rich in terpenes. If you're mostly using the pen for recreational reasons, this is less important — although you may still prefer the feeling you get from a terpene-rich pen. 

Marijuana concentrate pens are becoming more popular as time goes on. If you come across these pens at a dispensary, it's worth giving one a try. Pay attention to the flavor and terpene profiles and buy one that appeals to you. Reach out to a local dispensary to learn more about medical marijuana concentrate pens and other products available.