3 Effects Depression Can Have On A Marriage

Marriage is something that can be very wonderful, but it is rarely something that is easy. Marriage can be especially hard, though, when one spouse suffers from depression. If you are the spouse who is suffering from anxiety and depression, you may want to seek help for yourself and for your marriage. Your depression might be hard for you to live with, but you may forget that it also affects your spouse. Here are several things to know about depression and its effects on marriage.

No More Fun

When people feel depressed, it is really hard for them to enjoy doing things, and this can become a problem in marriage. If you and your spouse used to go out and have fun doing things together, this might no longer be a part of your marriage.

Eventually, your spouse might get tired of waiting around for you to do things with him or her, and he or she might start acquiring some new hobbies alone. This will cause more separation in your relationship, and this can drain a marriage of its purpose and joy.

Lack Of Responsibilities

There are times when a person's depression can become so bad that he or she can no longer even function. This means the person may stop working, which could be devastating to the family's budget, and he or she might begin neglecting the household duties the person once did.

When this begins to happen, it can take a huge toll on the marriage. For one, the finances can suffer, which is not a good thing. Another result is that the other spouse may have to carry the entire workload of the household.

Potential For Divorce

When a person feels depressed, his or her spouse may also begin to feel sad and lonely. This can lead to vulnerability and may make it easier for an affair to happen. In addition, the distance that is caused by the depression can result in a couple becoming so far from each other that they no longer wish to be married. If this occurs, the couple might begin considering divorce.

Divorce is never a pleasant experience to go through, and you might have the power to stop this from happening, but it will require getting help. There are counseling centers and doctors that can help you reduce the symptoms and feelings of depression. If you would like to learn more about this, contact a counseling center today. 

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