The 101 On Dry Brushing Your Varicose Veins Away

From age spots or acne to wrinkles and bruises, the various imperfections that can develop on and in your skin are overwhelming. While many medical procedures and specialized creams are available to treat these imperfections, they can be invasive and expensive. Unfortunately, treating the unappealing look of varicose veins is also difficult for many people. Considering half of people aged 50 and over have varicose veins, finding gentle, non-invasive, and effective options for removal is smart. Although surprising, dry brushing is becoming a popular option for removing varicose veins. Using this guide, you will understand the concept behind dry brushing your varicose veins away.

The 101 on Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is exactly what you think. The concept involves moving a dry brush over areas of your skin that need improvement. When brushing, it is important to move the brush over your skin towards your heart to increase blood circulation through your body.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing improves your body's blood flow, which helps reduce the dark varicose veins that are visible on your legs and arms, but the process also offers the following benefits:

  • Improved Lymphatic System – Your lymphatic system is responsible for filtering cellular waste and toxins out of your body through lymph vessels. Since many lymph vessels run right below the skin's surface, dry brushing your skin can help circulate lymph through your body in a more efficient and effective manner.
  • Skin Exfoliation – If you want to naturally exfoliate your skin, dry brushing can help. Running a soft-bristled brush over your skin can remove dead skin cells without harsh cleansing products. In addition, dry brushing opens up your skin's pores, resulting in clearer skin with continued usage.
  • Increased Energy – Improving your blood flow and immune system with dry brushing also increases your overall energy.

Dry Brushing your Varicose Veins Away

Dry brushing increases your blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage, which are both effective options for reducing the appearance of your varicose veins. To diminish these veins using the dry brushing technique, you will need to purchase a body brush with naturally firm bristles. Be sure the brush has a long handle so you can reach the entire length of your body.

Use the following tips each day before your shower:

  1. Begin brushing the bottom of your feet, working up towards your legs, abdomen, chest, back, arms, and face. Use long, smooth strokes.
  2. Brush each section of your body a few times, but stay consistent.
  3. Be sure each stroke moves towards the direction of your heart.
  4. Take a warm shower after dry brushing. Be sure to dry thoroughly.

While you may have varicose veins on your legs, it is important to brush the skin across your entire body to improve your blood circulation.

In most cases, varicose veins are not hazardous to your health, but they can be unappealing. While different medical options are available for treatment, dry brushing the veins away is a safe solution. Visit for information about other varicose vein treatments.