Tips For Recovering After A Breast Augmentation

A great cosmetic surgeon can transform the appearance of your chest with a breast augmentation surgery. Many women choose to have a breast augmentation when they notice that their breasts are sagging or have lost volume due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or aging. A successful breast augmentation can boost your self esteem and make it easier to find clothing that flatters your figure. But a breast augmentation is a major surgery, and their is a recovery period after the procedure. Use the following tips to help your recovery after getting breast implants:

Wear a Compression Bra

A compression bra is a tight fitting undergarment that applies pressure to the surgery area to help with the swelling and to improve blood circulation. In addition, a compression bra provides much needed support as your breasts heal from surgery. Prior to your surgery, make sure that you purchase a compression bra that is specifically designed to be worn after a breast augmentation surgery--sports bras or other bras designed for normal every day wear will not provide the same benefits as a compression bra.

Stay Elevated

In the days after your breast augmentation, it is recommended that you spend a lot of time in bed or on a couch resting. While you are resting or sleeping, try to stay partially elevated to allow blood to flow and to help swelling subside. Some people feel comfortable elevating themselves by placing a few regular pillows under their back and head. You can also opt to purchase a wedge pillow that is designed to elevate the body after plastic surgery.

Ask for Help

The first few days after surgery, you are likely to be sore or uncomfortable. Elevating your arms will be be hard to do without pain, so you will not be able to reach things on shelves or cabinets. Caring for young children after surgery is not recommended, as you will be restricted from lifting, and your doctor will likely recommend that you stay in bed and avoid strenuous activity.

If you want to recover properly from your breast augmentation surgery, it is in your best interest to arrange for someone to help you the first few days after surgery; this will allow you to focus on healing and not have to worry about household chores or caring for young children.

Breast Massage

Breast massage is highly recommended after a breast augmentation to help the implants settle into place and prevent scar tissue build up. Your cosmetic surgeon will explain the massage technique to you and instruct you on how often you should do it.