Possible Causes For Your Urticaria: What You Should Know

Suffering from urticaria, more commonly referred to as hives, can be a frustrating and uncomfortable ordeal. This skin condition can seemingly appear out of nowhere and cause inflammation, itchiness, pain, and other discomfort to your skin. If you are dealing with urticaria and are wondering what could be causing it so you can address the underlying problem, there are many different possible reasons for your skin troubles. Get to know some of the potential causes for your urticaria and what you may be able to do to prevent and treat them so that you can be sure you are doing everything you can to avoid future bouts of urticaria. Read More 

3 Signs That Your Child Has Allergies

Child allergies are more common than many parents realize. Your child can begin to show allergies to certain foods from infancy. This is why it is vital that parents know what to look for in their child. Here are some things to watch for. 1. Nursing or Bottle-Fed Babies Excessively Crying Many people do not understand that a child can show allergic reactions while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. One of the most common reactions comes to cow's milk. Read More 

3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine If Plastic Surgery Is Right For You

Plastic surgery is a great way to get the body that you want in a safe and effective way. For instance, you can change practically anything you don't like about yourself with the right plastic surgeon. However, getting plastic surgery shouldn't be taken lightly. There are some things that you should do before you opt for plastic surgery to make sure it is the right decision for you. Here are some tips. Read More 

Bleeding Where? A No-Panic Guide to Blood in Your Stool

If you notice a bit of blood in your stool – whether in the bowl or on the toilet paper – you may find yourself starting to panic about the state of your health. After all, it's understandably concerning when you find yourself bleeding without seeing the source, and, when most people hear about blood in the stool, they tend to jump to the worst possible conclusion. But finding blood doesn't necessarily mean you should panic. Read More 

Why Male Hormone Replacement Is As Important As Female HRT

There have been several much-needed, good conversations about female HRT (hormone replacement therapy) in the last two decades. However, until just recently, it was not known or understood that men go through a "change of life" too, often referred to as "male menopause." With these new medical discoveries and research studies, it has become clear that male hormone replacement therapy is every bit as important as female HRT. Here is why. Read More