Ways To Save Money On Contact Lenses

If you are about to choose contact lenses for the first time in your life, you may be a little timid about trying them. You may also have some concerns with the expense, especially when there are so many brands of disposable lenses now available on the market. How do you get the lenses that are right for your eyes without paying a fortune? To answer this question, and to provide you with some good options on how to get your contact lenses for less, the following information is provided.


There are many name-brand companies that offer rebates on your contact lens purchase. You pay full price for your lenses now, but then send in the cash register receipt for your lenses and the UPC codes off of all of the boxes of lenses you purchase in a single transaction to get your discount in the form of a refund. If you do not mind paying in full up front and waiting for the check in the mail, this might be a good option for you when you want to get a good deal on contact lenses.

Generic Contacts

There are lots of generic contacts available now. This gives you even more options for the kind of lenses you want to wear, as well as really big discounts on each box of lenses you buy (e.g., many brands of lenses, including the generic disposables, are often sold as set number of lenses to a box). You can also try samples of the lenses you are interested in, and because the lenses will just be thrown out after you try them, you can take them with you after you sample them. Some eye doctors may even send sample lenses home with you to test for a few days to a couple of weeks before you choose to make a purchase. Ask your optician about what kinds of generic contacts are offered/available.

Exclusive Deals with Certain Eye Doctors and/or Clinics

Some manufacturers of contacts will pick and choose with which stores to exclusively conduct business. When this happens, there is usually a very big discount on contact lenses that you can only get from that store/eye care professional. If you get a cheap contact lens exam from somewhere else, you can request a prescription card for your lenses, which you can then take to the store/clinic that is currently holding the exclusive sale on certain lenses. (This is especially useful when the optician or optometrist with the deeply-discounted lenses charges a much higher price for a contact lens exam.)