Dealing With Stubborn Nail Fungus? What Are Some Natural Treatments?

For those who receive regular manicures or keep their toenails painted at all times, mild to moderate nail fungus may sometimes reveal itself as a sneaky surprise once this polish is removed. This unattractive organism can cause your nails to become discolored, peel, or even fall off -- in some cases causing permanent damage to your toenail. However, the litany of potential side effects on some prescription nail fungus medication can sound even worse than the original issue for which you're seeking treatment. Are there any natural ways to help reduce fungal growth and prevent it from recurring without resorting to pharmaceutical assistance? Read on to learn more about a few tried-and-true natural nail fungus eradicators.

Tea tree or citrus essential oils (EOs)

EOs are one of the hot new products on the market today as more and more consumers flock toward natural cures for timeless ailments. While not all the claims about the curative powers of EOs are accurate, both tea tree and orange oils have natural anti-fungal properties that (when mixed with a neutral base oil like grapeseed or jojoba) can reduce fungus growth and improve the appearance of your nails. Because these oils are moisturizing as well as anti-fungal, they should help reduce any flaking or peeling you're experiencing as a result of your fungal infection. Even after your fungus problems have appeared to resolve themselves, you may want to periodically apply this mixture before putting socks on to help prevent any recurring issues.

Coconut oil

Like diluted essential oils, coconut oil has been shown to inhibit fungal growth by disturbing the outer layers of the fungal membrane. (Think about it -- when was the last time you saw mold growing on a stick of butter or coating the surface of a bottle of oil?) Because this oil often comes in solid form, it can be easier to apply to your toenails than an EO blend. Applying coconut oil to your nails before sleeping with thick socks can let you wake up to significantly improved toenail appearance and texture.

Baking soda

If your toenails are itching, burning, or otherwise feeling uncomfortable as a result of the fungal growth, one of your quickest paths to relief can be a simple baking soda soak. Although baking soda doesn't kill the fungus already present within your toenails, it will prevent this fungus from spreading and should relieve any unpleasant sensations you're experiencing. For longer-lasting relief, you can apply a topical cream that contains a high proportion of baking soda.

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