Tips For Saving Money On Adult Incontinence Medical Supplies For Your Ill Spouse

If you need to purchase adult incontinence supplies for an ill spouse, then you will be happy to learn that there are many things you can do to reduce the ongoing costs without compromising on quality.

Use these tips to save money on incontinence supplies for your spouse:

Find the Most Comfortable Products and Then Buy in Bulk

Since you will need a lot of incontinence supplies over the course of a year, it is nearly always more economical to purchase supplies in bulk. However, before you order lots of supplies for your storage cabinet, first ask your spouse to try different options to determine which are the most comfortable for them to use. Once you determine which supplies that your spouse prefers, then you should comparison shop for the best price. You can purchase supplies online and in your local area at a local medical supply company.

Once you find the best price for the items your spouse prefers, then order in bulk to save money. Just as with most consumer products, buying in bulk is nearly always less expensive than buying smaller quantities.

Use Generic Supplies When Possible

When your spouse is testing new incontinence supplies for comfort, they will quickly discover that some generic supplies are the same exact quality as those that are labeled with a name brand. In fact, many generic incontinence supplies are made by the same companies that make the brand name products. The cheaper items are often the same quality, and they generally only have minor differences, such as coloration or packaging.

Use Washable Products When Practical

Medical supplies such as fabric bed pads are much more comfortable to sleep on than their disposable cousins. If you have access to laundry facilities, then washable products can save you a lot of money and allow you to provide a higher level of comfort for your spouse at the same time.

Ask for a Discount on Your Purchase

Finally, while you may not have known it was possible, you can always ask for a discount when buying medical supplies. Since medical supply costs vary widely depending upon if insurance is paying for them or you are paying the full cost, many medical supply stores will give you a lower price if you make the effort to ask them. Also, many medical supply stores will price match if you find the same product elsewhere for a lower cost.