Could Your Dream Career Ultimately Lead To Foot Surgery?

You've just started your dream career and are excited about finally finding something that will keep you active and on the go all day long. You've worked hard to get this position, and you're building up your body over time to help you succeed in this career. However, some of these dream careers can lead to serious foot injuries later down the road--injuries that might ultimately result in surgery. If you work in one of these fields, then you can expect to need surgery at some point down the road unless you get extremely lucky. Here are four careers that are most likely to lead to a required foot surgery later over time:


As an athlete, there is a lot of strain on your body, especially on your feet. Sports put stress on your tendons and ligaments, and they also put all kinds of wear and tear on your joints over time, especially if you play football or do anything related to running. One of the most common types of injuries for athletes is a stress fracture. When your feet absorb a lot of shock, it is only natural that one day they will cave under that shock. If this happens to you, you will need to connect with your doctor right away to see if there is any sort of surgery that can be done to correct the stress fracture or prevent you from getting another one.


The next most common career that could lead to foot surgery over time is a fireman. Firemen put strain on virtually every part of their bodies every day as they have to stand, walk, crawl, jump, and even run. This can result in stress and strain injuries, but there are other injuries that firemen can incur as well. For instance, falling debris can land on a fireman's foot and crush it, which would definitely require hospitalization and surgery to correct. Depending on the severity of the fire or the conditions under which a fireman has to work, he or she could also get serious burns on their feet if not careful.


As a policeman, you can definitely expect to have some sort of a foot problem at one point in your career or another. If you have to chase people on foot, then you can get serious injuries in your feet like strained tendons, turf toe, or even a stress fracture. Of course, in your line of work, you can also expect to get shot at, and as a result, you may end up getting shot in the foot, no matter how good your boots are. If this happens, you can definitely expect hospitalization and surgery to remove the bullet and repair the damaged area.


Working in the military is a very rewarding job, but it is almost certain to result in injuries for you, whether that be in boot camp or when you are actually out on the front lines of battle. Aside from the typical stress fractures, tendon strains, and other common athletic injuries, you can also expect to get severe foot and ankle injuries from your stint in just about any branch. Ankle sprain and strain is one of the most common injuries in the military, but something else that you can expect is a bullet wound or other injury. If you get shot at, there is a high likelihood that you could get shot in the foot. If you step on a land mine, you could possibly lose your entire foot or leg, which would certainly require surgery.

Almost every job can lead to one sort of injury or another, but one of the four jobs listed above is almost certain to require a foot surgery later on down the road. However, as long as you can connect with a good podiatrist at some point in your career, then you should be able to get the proper surgery you need to get you back on your feet so you can excel at the job you love and have trained so hard for. For more information, contact a clinic such as East Village Foot Center PC.